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In India, we still buy our Insurance Policies from different intermediaries including agents, and online brokers. First-time Insurance purchases happen at Inflection Points of life, career, or responsibilities. For most folks, these points happen in their 20s or 30s. That implies Digital Natives are buying and then managing most of a family's policies.

And yet no Insurance Distributor has designed Insurance Experiences to cater to these Digital Natives. We are re-building Insurance for Digital-first buyers. Foremostly, we're building the most efficient tool for Digital Natives, to manage their family's insurance policies, in a single app.

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what we are building

InsurStaq App is an AI-powered Hyper-Personal Insurance App. It is designed to be your companion in managing all your Family's Insurance Policies in one place, know where you stand, whether you are under or over-insured, and if there are potential uncovered risks.

Based on our AI-backed recommendations, you will eventually be able to buy new plans, submit claims, and cancel the ones you don’t need anymore. You will also earn Rewards, as we bring price, and knowledge transparency to you.

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the team 

Mayan Kansal
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Shivam Kaushik
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Digital Natives building for Digital Natives  

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